Affichage des articles du octobre, 2018

R Basic querry

While learning R (from scratch) I fall on kaggle. It propose some competition between user to find the best model of prediction.

It's my first Big Data Experience, then I am a little bit lost. Then First  I have to admit that I follow "How To"

I will post here all my generic basic R data manipulation.

Create a list of value

unusual_title<-c('Dona', 'Lady', 'the Countess','Capt', 'Col', 'Don',                   'Dr', 'Major', 'Rev', 'Sir', 'Jonkheer')
Update the value Title by "unusual Title" if the title is in the liste previously created

titanic$title[titanic$title %in% unusual_title]<-'Unusual Title'
Sapply is a function that apply on each item of a dataSet.
on each name of the DataSet we apply a Split on the first ,or , and keep the first part
this part go in surnamecolum,

titanic$surname<-sapply(titanic$Name, function(x) strsplit(x,split='[,.]')[[1]…

ClickDimensions : Fill Landing page Field With URL paramater

The answer is here

But After That I still have a small question, what if the field is empty in the CRM Dynamics.

when you use profiling field for email template it s : ${[0]!''}

but when it's in the url you should use : ${[0]!}

then at the end the url should look likes${[0]!}

CRM Dynamics : Improve Form with Tab Menu

I was wondering how to have all data user need in only one screen.
Then I Googled and found this :

I want to always keep Basic Information of the contact/account

 we have tabs, and we can collapse it or uncollapse itIf we collapse a a tab all the width of the screen is hidded.  Then I decided to try to work with section and not tabs.
My idea was to have a Tabs with 3 column and only the column of the middle would be dynamic in link with the tab menu
Then I created 1 Tab with 3 column and all the section in the column of the middle have  A name that start by "NavSection_"  The label hiddedAre hidded by default unless the first
<html><head><metacharset="utf-8"><style>* { margin:0; padding:0; } .activeTab { background-color:#0080ff; color:#FFFFFF; font-f…

MS CRM Dynamics : Label in the form

OOB there is no way to create a Label on the form without value. Then I was wondering if it was possible with another Way. The answer is Yes !!! We will do it with Webresource. And we will give as parameter, the label we want. Then first I Googled how to pass a parameter to a webresource. I found this : In this blog they give multiple parameter but, we can work with only one <html><Head><style>* { margin:0; padding:0; } label { color:#0080ff; font-size:25px; text-align:left; font-family: Segoe UI, Tahoma, Arial; text-decoration:underline; font-weight:bold; } </style><script type="text/javascript"src="../../ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx"></script><script type="text/javascript">debugger; var CRMCustomParameters = []; var GetParameters =function () { try{ var P…